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Do you miss the handshake?

Call me "old school" but I still like and value face-to-face meetings, even when it means a car, air, or rail travel to do it. Even though COVID-19 has greatly reduced business travel, even for me, I miss it desperately. This may seem ironic given how complicated business travel had become over the last decade or so. Over-crowded planes, frequent flight cancellations, crammed roadways filled with road ragers, and trains as reliable as a weather forecaster's forecast always made it a pretty miserable experience, but, I still miss it. Perhaps you are wondering why. In virtually every face-to-face meeting I have had in my career something new, unexpected, and positive emerged from that exchange. I cannot say the same for phone calls, text messages, or video meetings. I am reminded of one of my  favorite all-time television commercials  which are so dated that email isn't even mentioned! None of us know when "normal" business travel will return because of the pa